Welcare sets up eye screening services within existing health centers making them accessible to patients at high-risk for eye diseases (such as diabetes) which could lead to blindness. Welcare leverages new technology for the screenings and keeps costs low by having certified ophthalmologists working remotely.
Innovative Approach

Welcare has pioneered an innovative approach, wherein Welcare sets up an affordable eye screening service inside existing

Diabetes centers, General hospitals, Paediatric Clinics and other health centers.Welcare installs an innovative Internet-connected retinal/paediatric screening device and trains a technician to operate the device with patients. Patient information including retinal images are securely transferred online to Welcare’s certified Ophthalmologists for review and diagnostics.

The results and recommendations for follow-up are then shared to the patient via staff at the facility they visited.
Innovative Business Model

Welcare works in association with Partner Centers through a financially viable Business Model. Expensive Teleophthalmology Equipment investment is taken care of by Welcare. Welcare trains Technicians in the Partner Centre and also provides them with all support to start the Screening Services in the Centre and earn additional revenue while providing a valuble Service to patients.

Teleopia- Customised Software Platform
Welcare has developed its own customised Software Platform for Teleophthalmology wherein reports from Partner Centers are uploaded in a secure cloud based platform,
and Ophthalmologists login and see the images and provide reports in minutes to Partner Centers.