Welcare Provides vital link between the Hospital / Clinic and Ophthalmologists. Patients are benefitted in a Large Scale since they receive affordable Eye Screening in the General Hospital/Diabetes Clinics and Paediatric Centers under one roof.

Partnership Categories

  • Diabetic Retinopathy Screening.
  • Fundus Screening for Neuro Centers.
  • Ophthalmologists/Eye Hospitals
  • Optician Partners.
  • International Partners

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

If you are a General Physician, Diabetologist, Endocrinologist or if you are running a Lab, General Hospital etc which has a good footfall of Patients, you can partner with us to Provide Retinopathy Screening to your patients.

Why should you Partner?

Most Patients Seen by Diabetologist /Endocrinologist/ GP/ Labs have to be seen by an Ophthalmologist, but in the present situation its not economically viable to make an Ophthalmologist  consult in  Diabetes Centers and labs ,hence you can provide this service to your patients without any additional investments.

One in four Diabetic Patients can develop Retinopathy which can lead to irreversible Blindness; it becomes mandatory to screen everyone for Retinopathy

What do we provide?

  • Fundus Camera – Procurement Guidance.
  • Teleopia Customized Software Platform for TeleOphthalmology.
  • Staff Training.
  • Reports from back end team of Qualified Ophthalmologists.

What do Partners Provide?

  • Patients
  • One Staff
  • Internet, Printer and a safe space for the Equipment.

How does the System Work?

Welcare  guides the  centers to procure Fundus Camera Equipment, and will also train staff to take the images, since its a simple easy to use devise, any staff with basic knowledge can take the images, and since there is no need for dilatation of the Eyes there will be no change in the regular patient flow in your clinic. Images are uploaded via internet into our cloud-based server and the back end team of Ophthalmologists will send the reports within half an hour. You can take a print out and also explain to patients and patients who have Retinopathy can be referred to your Local Ophthalmologist.

Eye Hospitals/ Ophthalmologists

We invite Partnerships from Eye Hospitals / Ophthalmologists.

Business Partner:

If you would like to establish Teleophthalmology Services in your area and partner with local Diabetologists/General Hospitals/ Labs and Paediatricians please do get in touch with us, we shall send you more information.

Reporting Partner:

We are looking forward to Ophthalmologists with spare time, who can report for Retinopathy Images online, Please send us your CV/ Credentials and we shall get back to you with more information

Opticians/ Optical Shops:

Opticians, can tie up with Welcare to provide TeleOphthalmology Services, if you are running a Optical shop and would like to provide a value added service to your patients by linking up with Ophthalmologists please do get back in touch with us.

International Partners:

We are looking forward to establish similar Teleophthalmology Services in Other Countries. If you are associated with the Eye Care Industry, Please do get in touch with us.

Fundus Screening for Neuro Centers

This Telemedicine Package is suitable for Neurologists/ Neuro Hospitals – since all patients seen by a Neurologist also needs a Fundus opinion, you can use our telemedicine service to link up with an Ophthalmologist and provide a authenticated report to your patient in addition to providing better patient care.