Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

“One in four Diabetic Patients can have Retinopathy which can lead to irreversible Blindness, so it becomes mandatory to screen every Diabetic Patient for Retinopathy at least once a year”

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Advantages:

  • One in two Diabetic Patient has some form of Eye Disease
  • One in Four Diabetic Patients can have Retinopathy.
  • All newly Detected Diabetics should have their retinas checked during first visit.
  • All Regular Diabetic Patients should have their retinas Checked at least once or twice in a year
  • Retinopathy can lead to Irreversible Blindness.
  • No Diabetic Package is complete without a Retinopathy Evaluation

Welcare provides guidance for Fundus Camera procurement in Diabetes Centers, Labs, General Hospitals etc and will also train staff to take the images,  any staff with basic knowledge can take the images, and there is no need for dilatation of the Eyes, and there will be no change in the regular patient flow in the clinic. Images are uploaded via internet into our cloud-based server and the back end team of Ophthalmologists will send the reports within half an hour.