Diabetic Eye Diseases

India has very low ratio of Doctors to Patients- particularly in specialty fields such as Ophthalmology. In India there are only 19 Ophthalmologists for a Million Population Compared to 120 in Developed Countries such as America. India also has a very high incidence of life style diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension, which require annual Eye Checkups along with Primary Care Check Ups. India has 60 Million Diabetic Population and is the Diabetic Capital of the world. At least 20 % of the 60 Million will develop Diabetic Retinopathy and hence Diabetic Patients need to be examined for Diabetic Retinopathy. The current treatment paradigm where Ophthalmologists see patients one on one in person may not be feasible to tackle the problem in a large scale.

Paediatric Vision Screening

India has 360 Million School going Children and there is no mandatory Eye Screening Programme for these Children, less than 10 % of them have any form of vision Check up. Around 25 % of these Children can have problems with vision such as Refractory Errors ( Need to wear Glasses) and 3-4% of them can have a condition called as Lazy Eye ( Ambylopia) which if not diagnosed at a early age can lead to permanent loss of vision in One Eye. Since the number of Ophthalmologists / Optometrists is very less compared to the overall population, it is not possible for the present system to reach out to all the Children in India and hence there is a need to adapt to newer Technology enabled methods to screen these Children.